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FAS demanded that Apple stop rejecting apps from the App Store for any reason

30.08.2020 0 Comments

FAS demanded that Apple stop rejecting apps from the App Store for any reason


Another attack on Apple.

The Federal Antimonopoly Service of Russia demanded that Apple remove from the App Store rules a clause that allows the company to reject applications for any reason, even if the application complies with all the rules. The company must comply with the agency's requirement by November 30.


The FAS said that Apple is abusing its dominant market position. The company restricts developers on its platform, the department stressed.

The FAS conducted an investigation into Apple following a complaint from Kaspersky Lab. The agency found out that Apple began to restrict apps with parental control functions after the company added Screen Time in iOS 12, which provides the ability to track the use of iPhone and iPad. Also, representatives of the Russian authority noted that in the Screen Time function, the company uses special features of iOS that are not available to third-party developers.

Apple must comply with the FAS requirement and change the App Store rules by November 30.

Source: FAS.

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