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Fasten your seat belts! Flight on a flight simulator without leaving home

05.09.2020 0 Comments

Fasten your seat belts! Flight on a flight simulator without leaving home


Feel like a pilot and go anywhere in the world without leaving your home!

Most countries are still closed to tourists. But this is not a reason to deny yourself a trip. In the new game Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020, you can go anywhere in the world, sit at the helm of more than 20 different planes.


The developers have made the simulator as realistic as possible, so when controlling the aircraft you have to take into account the weather conditions and even pilot the plane at night.

And if you miss air travel as a passenger, use the Airplane Mode flight simulator. The creators took into account all the delights of long flights, so you have to take a taxi to the airport, check in your luggage and even a flight delay. During the flight, you can admire the view from the window, rummage in your carry-on bag or watch movies in the on-board media system.

The developers have taken into account all the features of the economy class. So be prepared for crying babies and bad airplane food. The passenger will be offered two flights to choose from. A flight simulator from New York to Reykjavik will take 6 hours. And from New York to Halifax, the player will be asked to get there in 2 hours.

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