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Feel the music: what the EP-01 vibro shoe looks like

05.09.2020 0 Comments

Feel the music: what the EP-01 vibro shoe looks like


DropLabs has developed the first vibrating shoe of its kind that transmits the sound from your headphones to the vibration of the sole.

DropLabs has unveiled new sneakers that should revolutionize the way you think about music. Electronic components embedded in the sole convert the music in the headphones into a rhythmic vibration that can be felt by the whole body. The producers assure that the EP-01 will provide an immersive experience in games and virtual reality.

The sneaker will connect via Bluetooth to the user's smartphone and headphones, transforming music into rhythmic vibrations. The application on the smartphone can change its intensity and the color of the LED lighting on the soles. The battery of the gadget provides 6 hours of operation of the device in various modes. EP-01 will be water resistant, but the manufacturer does not promise full water resistance of smart sneakers. The price of the gadget is $ 299.


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