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Fingerprint or face scanner on iPhone? Opinions are undressed (poll)

08.12.2019 0 Comments

Fingerprint or face scanner on iPhone? Opinions are undressed (poll)


It's time to decide.

Today, December 4, it became known that Apple plans to equip the iPhone 12 with an on-screen fingerprint scanner. A fresh leak confirmed an earlier forecast by well-known analyst Min-Chi Kuo, who reported similar plans for Apple earlier this year. The news of the return of Touch ID to the iPhone caused a mixed reaction from iPhone users. They could not agree on which is better – Face ID or Touch ID?


Fingerprint or face scanner on iPhone? Opinions are undressed (poll)

Opinions of iPhone users about the potential return of Touch ID to Apple smartphones are divided. Some iPhone owners in a survey on MacRumors admitted that they don’t miss the fingerprint scanner at all, considering Face ID a much more advanced and convenient technology. The other part, on the contrary, called the fingerprint sensor the best possible protection system for a smartphone. It is noteworthy that none of the groups had an advantage.

There were also users who would like to see a face scanner and a fingerprint scanner in future iPhones. According to them, both technologies are good, but each is better in different scenarios. For example, Face ID allows you to safely unlock your iPhone, even if your hands are busy or dirty. On the other hand, Touch ID makes it possible to unlock without having to turn the smartphone to face.

Note that according to the forecast of Min-Chi Kuo, an ultrasonic sub-screen fingerprint scanner should appear on the iPhone by 2021. Today, Qualcomm presented a new model of a sub-screen fingerprint sensor, the active area of ​​which is 17 times larger than the previous model. Probably this is what will appear in the iPhone 12.

And what is better in your opinion: Touch ID or Face ID? We are conducting a survey in our group on VKontakte.

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