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Folding iPad: What you need to know?

11.07.2019 0 Comments

Folding iPad: What you need to know?


Analysts are confident that such a device will still be released.

We already wrote that expert Jeff Lin, who works for the global information company IHS Markit, reported that Apple is working on a collapsible iPad tablet with a 5G module.

Folding iPad: What you need to know?


2019 can not be called successful for folding devices. So, Samsung at the last moment had to abandon the launch of Galaxy Fold because of problems with the design. And now it is not known when the device will be on sale. In addition, the announced Huawei folding Mate X also still not been on the shelves. Both of these gadgets are smartphones that can perform tablet tasks in an open mode.

And what could be a folding iPad? David Phelan from Forbes shared his thoughts on this subject.

What will be a folding iPad?

Folding full-sized iPad with a flexible screen will fold to double to save space. Folding iPad will receive the iPad Mini form factor with the possibility of opening to double the screen area. Another concept implies that the standard iPad will turn into a giant display when opened. It does not exclude the appearance of the iPad with two separate displays – and, one will be used as a keyboard.

Source: Forbes

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