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Found a way to simply remove ads on YouTube

13.06.2020 0 Comments

Found a way to simply remove ads on YouTube


It is very simple.

Users of Reddit have discovered the easiest way to watch videos on YouTube without ads. The Reddit community liked the method so much that the post with its description became one of the most popular in a week and was noticed by leading foreign media.


Found a way to simply remove ads on YouTube

In order to launch any video on YouTube without advertising, just add add a dot after “.com” in the address bar in the browser.

Common YouTube video link:

https: // v = 2TMs2E6cms4

Version of the link to the video without ads:

The method works only on a PC, because when you change the URL in a similar way on mobile devices, the link is automatically fixed. In addition to removing commercials before starting the video, adding a dot removes ads in the middle of the video.

Source: Reddit.

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