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Fraudsters call from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank. How to protect yourself?

18.10.2019 0 Comments

Fraudsters call from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank. How to protect yourself?


It's important to know!

Recently, scammers have begun to use a new method of telephone attack on Russians. They use a special service to change the number, making massive calls supposedly from the number 900, which belongs to Sberbank. How does such a number swapping work and how not to fall for the scam trick? Told in this material.

Fraudsters call from a fake number 900 allegedly from Sberbank. How to protect yourself?


The essence of the scheme

A person receives a call from 900, which, as many know, belongs to Sberbank. The victim picks up the phone and starts talking with a “bank employee”. He communicates politely, “according to the protocol” and has a good diction. Nothing gives him a scammer who has nothing to do with the bank.

The fraudster further convinces the victim that he belongs to the bank. He then tries to access confidential information in various ways. For example, ask the victim for a verification code for a money transfer.

Such requests are presented under various pretexts. For example, a fraudster may claim that money has just been stolen from the victim’s bank account. Or that the client’s account is blocked due to suspicious transactions and all his money is frozen.

How is a number substituted?

The key feature of this method of cheating is the number from which scammers call. The number looks like 900 – the official support number of Sberbank. However, the actual substitution of characters in the number. Instead of 900, the call comes from 90O or 9OO (zero is replaced by the letter O).

Number substitution is performed using special online services that provide replacement of Caller ID via SIP-protocol. Most often, such calls go through a virtual telephone exchange, and therefore it is difficult to track them. In addition, fraudulent calls are protected by TLS / SSL encryption protocols.

How not to get caught

Actually very simple. It is enough to remember that Sberbank employees never, under any circumstances, call from 900. Even if absolutely all money is suddenly stolen from your account, you will not receive a call from 900.

To protect yourself from other fake numbers, it is best to use the Caller ID application for your smartphone. We talked about such applications in more detail in this article.

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