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Fraudsters cheat Russians by offering free iPhone 11

27.02.2020 0 Comments

Fraudsters cheat Russians by offering free iPhone 11


Be careful!

Rostelecom warned the Russians about using a new fraudulent method. Attackers mass-send messages allegedly on behalf of the company, offering potential victims to get a free iPhone 11 as part of a customer reward program.


Fraudsters cheat Russians by offering free iPhone 11

To receive a prize in the form of a smartphone, fraudsters ask potential victims for participation in a corporate program. Rostelecom said that the company does not run such programs and does not arrange iPhone 11 draws. Representatives of Rostelecom emphasized that the company's customers are advised to find out about all relevant promotions on its official website.

Rostelecom issued a warning about the activity of scammers after the appearance of negative reviews on social networks. Users with whom fraudsters contacted noted that communication took place in various online services, including VKontakte and Instagram. It is not known how many people fell victim to the new method of fraud.

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Source: Rostelecom.

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