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Fraudsters use a new scheme. Act on behalf of leading banks and know the names of the victims

18.09.2019 0 Comments

Fraudsters use a new scheme. Act on behalf of leading banks and know the names of the victims


The main thing is to be vigilant.

Internet scammers have begun to use the new original scheme of deceiving Russians. This was reported by Russian citizens who have encountered fraud in the past few weeks. They told in more detail about the scheme and what should be done so as not to fall into the trick of attackers.

Fraudsters use a new scheme. Act on behalf of leading banks


The essence of the scheme

Russians talk about using the new fraudulent scheme on popular social resources, including the Yandex.Aura social network and the banki website. In all recorded cases, an identical divorce method was used against the Russians.

Fraudsters call a potential victim and pretend to be an employee of one of the Russian banks. In most cases, they impersonate Sberbank support representatives. However, if the called victim uses the services of another bank, they are represented precisely by its employees.

The conversation with the victim begins with a greeting by last name, first name and patronymic. Fraudsters have access to this information, which implies that fraudsters have access to the "merged" in the Internet database of numbers.

Fraudsters use a new scheme. Act on behalf of leading banks

Calling the name of the bank's client, the attackers mislead him. Immediately after that, they say that suspicious transfers made in the last 30 minutes are seen from the user's bank account. As a result, the bank account is temporarily frozen, scammers warn. With this statement, they try to shock the victim so that she loses her vigilance even more.

If a person pecks at a trick, scammers use another trick. The victim is transferred to the support number from another department that is involved in the return of stolen money. This is done so that the user additionally becomes convinced of the reality of the call.

After the redirection, the “security department employees” specify the victim’s personal data that is used to steal money.

How not to get caught

Earlier we talked about how to break through any phone number via the Internet. One of the methods involves installing applications on the smartphone to automatically determine the numbers. For example, the official Yandex application, in which powerful caller ID is integrated.

Install such an application on your smartphone, and in most cases you will be notified that a fraudster is calling.

There are no accurate statistics on the success of this fraud method. Nevertheless, according to reviews, it is this scheme that has been most actively used in the past few weeks. Be carefull.

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