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Gigabyte about Apple smart glasses. Name, price and design disclosed

23.05.2020 0 Comments

Gigabyte about Apple smart glasses. Name, price and design disclosed


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Proven insider John Prosser has revealed a wealth of information about Apple-developed smart glasses with augmented reality support. An insider has declassified the name, possible release date, design and key features of the brand new Apple device.


Gigabyte about Apple smart glasses. Name, price and design disclosed

“Smart” Apple glasses will be called Apple Glass, by analogy with Google Glass smart glasses, released in 2014, but not received recognition from consumers. Apple Glass will be considered an accessory for the iPhone, as the glasses will access the smartphone to perform calculations. Similarly, the first-generation Apple Watch performed all the calculations with the iPhone.

The prototype Apple Glass that Prosser saw was made of plastic. An insider noted that the choice of materials for the consumer version of the gadget may change. Apple Glass looks like ordinary glasses and does not look like the futuristic concepts of smart glasses that can be found on the Internet, the expert said.

Both lenses of Apple Glass glasses have built-in displays that display the gadget's interface called Starboard (similar to the Springboard interface in iOS). Glasses are controlled using gestures or through the iPhone.

Currently, the working prototype of Apple Glass has transparent lenses. A version of the device with darkened sun lenses does not yet exist, since Apple had difficulty displaying images on such lenses. Included with Apple Glass will be a plastic docking station for wireless charging of the device.

Apple Glass does not have a built-in camera, which is done for privacy reasons. At the same time, on the right arm of the glasses is a 3D LiDAR sensor, which is responsible for identifying objects in front of the user. The LiDAR sensor introduced in the iPad Pro will also appear in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All data collected by the sensor is sent directly to the team developing Apple Glass.

The price of Apple Glass will be $ 499 (about 36 thousand rubles). Apple may present the gadget this fall, at an event dedicated to the announcement of the iPhone 12. Prosser noted that Apple Glass will be presented by Apple at the end of the presentation, as traditional for One More Thing. Depending on the situation in the world against the backdrop of a difficult epidemiological situation, the announcement of Apple Glass may be postponed to the first quarter of 2021. The start of sales of Apple Glass will take place in late 2021 or early 2022.

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