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Gmail for iOS adds new settings for blocking external images

07.09.2019 0 Comments

Gmail for iOS adds new settings for blocking external images


Hidden trackers in the body of the message will be blocked.

Some email senders embed invisible images in them – the so-called trackers. They transmit information about when the user opened the letter. To counter this, Google has released an update to the Gmail app for iOS. A new parameter has been added to it, which allows users to automatically block the display of external images in emails.

Gmail for iOS


Now users can configure the mail so that it will be asked each time whether to display external images.

To do this:

Go to your account settings then select “Images”; "Ask before showing external images."

Gmail settings

Gmail has long had the opportunity to turn off the automatic display of external images on a computer, now it can be done on iOS. Read how to set up Gmail on iPhone and iPad here.

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