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Google revealed the details of the attack on iPhone users

02.09.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

Google revealed the details of the attack on iPhone users

Hacked sites have been spreading viruses for iOS for more than 3 years.

Google Project Zero spokesman Ian Beer posted a report on his blog about one of the biggest attacks on iPhone users. We are talking about hacking a number of websites and introducing malicious exploits into their code. Using iOS vulnerabilities, a malicious script got into the device’s memory and began to act.

IPhone hacker attack

Representatives of Google emphasize that any users could be hit. No targeted sampling of the victims was carried out, since to infect the iPhone it was enough just to visit the infected website. According to experts, thousands of visitors received infected resources daily for more than 3 years. Therefore, this is one of the largest hacker attacks on iPhone owners.

The exploit got access to geo-location, messages in messengers, saved photos and other data. At the same time, a simple reboot of the device removed the script from the device’s RAM. Re-infection required a visit to the infected site.

Information security experts discovered infected websites at the beginning of the year, which was promptly notified by Apple. As a result, an extraordinary update of iOS 12.4.1 was released in February, the installation of which completely eliminated the possibility of infection of the device.

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