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How Apple Watch Avoid False Positives When Arrhythmia is Detected

14.07.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

Despite the fact that Apple Watch is not a medical instrument, the accuracy with which they diagnose heart arrhythmia is at a very high level. About this in an interview with the magazine Men’s Health said Apple's vice president of health Sumbul Desai. According to her, branded smart watches of the company do not make hasty conclusions about the state of health of the user, preferring to carry out several additional checks before reporting problems.

How Apple Watch Avoid False Positives When Arrhythmia is Detected

Apple Watch diagnose cardiac arrhythmias by reading heart rate indicators throughout the day, followed by analysis of the data obtained using artificial intelligence. In order for Apple Watch to send a notification that a user has signs of frustration, the watch must receive at least five confirmations of the presence of an irregular rhythm. Thus, the watch minimizes the number of false positives.

Diagnosing Arrhythmias with Apple Watch

A major role in the diagnosis of cardiac arrhythmia is played by the user's age, Desai explains. In particular, only 0.16% of people under the age of 40 suffer from this disorder. Another thing – older people over 65 years. They have heart rhythm problems more often, in about 3% of cases. Therefore, it is very important, when starting research, to give Apple Watch the correct instructions regarding your age, so that diagnostics are carried out as efficiently as possible.

But diagnosing heart arrhythmias is just one of the few Apple Watch features that are in the testing phase. It is known that Apple, together with scientists from different areas, conducts a lot of research, teaching branded smart watches to detect the signs of diabetes at an early stage, calculate elevated blood pressure, read the user's blood flow rate, and determine signs of sleep apnea when the breathing stops regardless of human will. .

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