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How do mobile operators give big discounts to subscribers? Two cases

28.10.2019 0 Comments

How do mobile operators give big discounts to subscribers? Two cases



Russian mobile operators are fighting for subscribers sometimes in very unusual ways. In particular, they can give direct discounts on services, and extremely large ones. In some cases, subscribers received discounts in the amount of 70-80% of the tariff fee. In which cases do operators make such offers that are beneficial to users? We disassembled the two most popular cases.


How do mobile operators give big discounts to subscribers? Two cases

1. If the subscriber decides to leave to another operator

Most often, the operator personally offers a discount on services if the subscriber requests a number transfer to another operator. It is noteworthy that to be a long-time customer of the operator for this is not necessary. The Internet is full of stories from subscribers who have received discount offers on newly registered SIM cards.

How does this happen? The subscriber submits an application to transfer his number to another operator. A few days later, when the application is processed, he receives a call from his operator. Support staff are interested in why a person decided to change the operator, and then offer a discount.

The discount can be both relatively small – 20-30%, and really large – up to 80%. This depends not only on how much time the subscriber spent with the operator and what is the average amount of his payment, but also on the specific support employee.

How do mobile operators give big discounts to subscribers? Two cases

It is important to know that the discount is offered temporary, for up to a year. However, no one bothers to repeat the procedure after the end of the grace period. Some subscribers save on communication this way all year round.

In addition, a discount from the operator can be requested directly, even without applying for a transfer to another operator. It is necessary to call support and express dissatisfaction with services – the ratio of communication quality and price. In a conversation with an employee, you need to make a direct hint that if the conditions do not change, then you will have to leave with another operator.

If the operator has a special offer for you, then the employee will immediately voice it.

2. If the operator is “guilty”

The second case involves the provision of a discount by the operator for unwanted charges. For example, if money was "debited" from your account for a service that you did not connect. Know that in this case, you can grab a discount on the connection, and the largest.

It is necessary to complain about unwanted write-offs to Roskomnadzor. Yes, the agency will really consider your particular case and will be able to help. You can contact Roskomnadzor with a specific complaint about the operator directly on the official website. We described the process in detail in this manual.

After filing a complaint, it will remain to wait. If the complaint is satisfied, then the operator’s staff will call with an apology and a message about the refund. Most often at this stage they will offer a temporary and fairly large discount on communication. If this does not happen, then demand. This will help.

Have you ever received a discount on communication from your operator?

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