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How much cheaper iPhone XR in 2020

07.01.2020 0 Comments

How much cheaper iPhone XR in 2020


How cheap will an already popular model become?

In 2019, the iPhone XR decently fell in price, including in Russia, making the smartphone the most popular in the world. However, many buyers are still not happy with the price of the iPhone XR. In our group on VKontakte and on the Internet as a whole, the question is regularly asked about how much the price of the iPhone XR will fall during 2020. We analyzed the Russian market and found out how much a big discount is worth the wait.


How much cheaper iPhone XR in 2020

How much the iPhone XR fell in price in 2019

First, let's summarize the outgoing year. In 2019, the iPhone XR fell dramatically. Apple has adopted a new strategy, further reducing the price of the iPhone XR in countries where it is really needed. As a result, due to this, the 6.1-inch iPhone XR turned out to be the best-selling smartphone in principle in each of the four quarters of 2019. An impressive result, given that the smartphone was clearly opposed by the budget models of Samsung, Xiaomi, Honor and other brands.

In November 2018, after its release, the iPhone XR was sold in Russia at a price of 64,990 rubles for a version with 64 GB of memory. At the end of 2019, the iPhone XR with 64 GB of memory is sold in official retail for 49,990 rubles. The fall for the year amounted to as much as 15,000 rubles.

It is noteworthy that in December MTS even further reduced the price of the iPhone XR as part of the New Year’s campaign, but now the discounts have disappeared. Currently, all authorized Apple retailers in Russia have set a price of 49,990 rubles on the basic version of the smartphone.

As for the iPhone XR models with 128 and 256 GB of memory, they fell in price as follows:

iPhone XR 128 GB – 54 990 rubles (now), 68 990 rubles (November 2018). The difference is 14,000 rubles. iPhone XR 256 GB – 59 990 rubles (now), 77 990 rubles (November 2018). The difference is 18,000 rubles.

How much cheaper iPhone XR in 2020

iPhone XR noticeably threw off the price for 2019, becoming one of the best Apple smartphones in terms of price-quality ratio. How much price reduction should be expected in 2020?

Analysis of pricing in the Russian market showed that over the next year the iPhone XR will fall in price by about 10 thousand rubles. According to the forecast, by the end of 2020 iPhone XR with 64 GB of memory can be purchased at a price cheaper than 40 thousand rubles. Apple reduced the cost of the iPhone X in a similar way, a similar trend was observed in the case of the iPhone XS / XS Max.

It is important to note that by the end of next year, the stock of the iPhone XR will begin to gradually run out. Apple, no doubt, will stop officially selling the smartphone after the launch of the iPhone 12 and other models from the new line in September. After that, stocks of iPhone XR will remain exclusively with retailers. In this regard, those wishing to purchase a smartphone at the end of 2020 are advised to carefully monitor the availability of the smartphone in official retail.

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