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How to play Xbox One games on a Windows PC

27.08.2019 0 Comments

How to play Xbox One games on a Windows PC


You can play your favorite console games from your computer.

The Xbox One game console can synchronize with any computer running Windows 10. Now you can safely play without taking up a TV and without annoying households. Broadcasting is easy and fast.


How to play Xbox One games on a Windows PC

Communication is carried out using a conventional network router, so you do not need to buy expensive HDMI cables or other equipment. All you need is a reliable network connection to the console. An Ethernet cable is desirable for this purpose. But in most cases, Wi-Fi provides the proper speed and stability to transmit full-fledged pictures.

Console setup:

press the button with the Xbox logo twice, go to the “All Settings” section, then open the “Settings” item and select “DVR for Games and Streaming”; select the item “SmartGlass Connections”, where we allow streaming to any user of the home network.

If you wish, you can restrict access by selecting “Only from profiles logged in to this Xbox”.

Connecting the console to a PC:

open the "Xbox Console Companion" application on the computer, install it from the Windows store if the program is not installed; go through authorization in your Microsoft account and select “Connection” in the program menu on the left; click "Add device", after which the console should appear in the list of available devices, select it.

If the Xbox One is not listed, you will have to enter the network address of the console manually. It also does not take much time. To do this, in the console settings, go to the "Network" section, then "Network Settings" and "Advanced Settings". There you will find the IP address, which must be manually entered at the stage of connecting new devices to the computer.

After that, the prefix will automatically synchronize with the computer while both devices are on the network. You can watch the broadcast using the Companion Xbox Console program in the playback section.

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