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How to set up Yandex Maps for iOS 14 beta and remove glitches

06.09.2020 0 Comments

How to set up Yandex Maps for iOS 14 beta and remove glitches


The method is working, but not for everyone.

In the beta version of iOS 14, you can now download the beta version of Yandex Maps for iOS, and all glitches in Maps disappear.


Yandex maps

Instructions for installing beta Yandex.Maps on iOS 14 beta

Your iPhone must have the TestFlight application installed. You must send an application to join the Yandex.Maps for iOS testers from this page. An important point is that submitting an application for testing does not in itself guarantee that you will be accepted into beta testers. You won't be able to get a response letter from Yandex inviting you to the beta-testers team right away, so you will have to wait for some time. And you may not get an answer.

If you are nevertheless accepted into the beta testers of Yandex.Maps, then you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to install and use the beta version of Maps and you will be happy.

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