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Huawei Card. Huawei now has not only its own Google Play, but also an analogue of the Apple Card credit card

14.04.2020 0 Comments

Huawei Card. Huawei now has not only its own Google Play, but also an analogue of the Apple Card credit card


Recently, Huawei held a presentation of its flagship smartphones Huawei P40, Huawei P40 Pro and Huawei P40 Pro + in the home market, which debuted in Europe two weeks ago. At the same time, the Chinese giant announced the launch of an analogue of Apple's credit card, the Huawei Card. Thus, now Huawei has not only its own online application store AppGallery – an alternative to Google Play, where in the future even Google’s applications should appear, but also an analogue of the Apple Card, which has much in common with the Ukrainian monobank project.

Many details of the project remain unknown, but in general it is now clear what the Huawei Card will be. Most importantly, a Huawei credit card – and no surprises here – is tied to Huawei Pay's proprietary payment service. This means that, most likely, the Huawei Card virtual card will offer all the same that Huawei Pay now offers. At the same time, the Huawei Card will allow you to issue a physical UnionPay payment card and an NFC chip for contactless payments.



Unlike an Apple card, the Huawei alternative, like a regular credit card, offers a standard service charge. At the same time, a service charge will not be charged for the first year. In addition, for active customers making a certain minimum of transactions (there is no exact data), they will be able to use the card for free for the second year.

Of course, the Huawei card will offer certain bonuses, including cashback programs for purchases, unlimited access to business lounges and other tourist bonuses. But, alas, there are no details on this subject yet.

Huawei emphasizes that special attention is paid to security and confidentiality in the development, which is not surprising given the ongoing conflict with the United States, which imposed severe sanctions on the Chinese company, accusing it of espionage and cooperation with intelligence agencies. It is because of these sanctions that all new Huawei and Honor smartphones come without Google services.

Needless to say, China is the largest market for mobile payments – with an annual turnover of $ 27 trillion and more than 8.2 billion active bank cards. And in February, Apple finally received preliminary approval from the People's Bank of China to launch its credit card. More specifically, Mastercard payment system, which will act as the local gateway for processing Apple Card payments, received permission. In other words, Huawei could not miss such an opportunity, and competition, as you know, is always good for ordinary users.

So far, even the launch date of the Huawei Card in China is unknown, not to mention the international release of the product.

Source: Weibo and GSM Arena


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