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Hydrogen first vessel

11.07.2019 0 Comments

Hydrogen first vesselHydrogen first vessel

The project is sponsored by the Japanese company Toyota.


In the past, the 30-meter Energy Observer of 1983 was the legendary racing catamaran, which in 1994 won first place in the world tour of the Jules Verne Trophy. By the way, in those years it was the fastest catamaran on the planet.

Nowadays it has been re-equipped – an existing vessel was used to save money.

Hydrogen first vessel

The modern version of the Energy Observer is powered by solar and wind energy; it has a complex system for generating hydrogen from seawater. As a result, the amount of harmful emissions is reduced to zero.

Hydrogen first vessel

The world tour, which began in 2017, is designed not only to draw attention to the problems of energy consumption in the world, but also to prove the consistency of the concept of an autonomous ship, as well as to test and refine the technologies of the future in a wide variety of conditions. Further developments can be used on land. If nothing unexpected happens, the odyssey will end in 2022. By that time, the catamaran will visit 50 countries, make 101 stops.

The ship's captain is Viktorien Erussard, who is also the ideologist of the hydrogen catamaran project. The expedition is led by the director of documentary films Jerome Delafoss. There are 8 people in the team.

The exterior of the Energy Observer is covered with solar panels. They occupy an area of ​​173 square meters. meters, and their total power reaches 28 kW.

Hydrogen first vessel

Wind power catamaran absorbs with two fairly simple rotating sails. The electric motors of the catamaran are in the mode of generating electricity when the ship is sailing. Stored electricity from the sun and wind, in two lithium-ion batteries.

When energy in batteries drops to a critical point, a special smart system triggers the generation of heat and electricity from a hydrogen plant that was designed and built in France. Thus, almost 100% autonomy of the catamaran is achieved. He can swim at any time of the day and in any weather.

In case of emergency, the catamaran is equipped with an emergency diesel generator – these are the mandatory rules for all vessels.

Hydrogen first vessel

The authors of the project are confident that installations similar to the one that drives the Energy Observer will produce a real revolution in the world in the future. “Green” hydrogen extracted from sea water, the participants of the expedition believe, will become the most important new source of energy in the foreseeable future, becoming on a par with oil and gas.

Unfortunately, it will not be possible to see the catamaran in St. Petersburg. He went on a further journey.

Source: Energy-Observer

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