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I'll put out the morgals! Ku !?

06.09.2020 0 Comments

I'll put out the morgals! Ku !?


I'll turn the calendar over …

On September 2, 1926, the outskirts of the town of Klin, Moscow Region, resounded with the cry of a newborn baby – in the future, the famous and beloved People's Artist of the USSR Yevgeny Leonov.


Like all children, he performed on a highchair on holidays in front of guests, and mama and papa were justly proud of his successes.

In 1947, in accordance with his enormous talent, he graduated from the Moscow Drama Studio. He worked in theaters. K.S. Stanislavsky, them. Vl. Mayakovsky, and since 1972 – at the Lenkom Theater.

Evgeny Leonov in the film Gentlemen of Fortune

Once Yevgeny Leonov went to visit a friend at the hospital for a short while. He was glad and pleased. But his neighbors in the ward were even more delighted. How! Himself "Assistant Professor-Winnie the Pooh" alive in front of them! Leonov said something, joked and began to say goodbye. Suddenly, the head physician politely and timidly asked if the People's Artist could look into the other chambers on the floor? Like, here men after heart attacks and moments of joy will be a healing elixir for everyone and a memory for life. Leonov agreed. He went around all the chambers of the floor! He joked, joked, sprinkled with catch phrases from the famous roles "Thirty-three", "Don't Cry!", "Afonya", "Mimino", "Autumn Marathon", "Gentlemen of Fortune" – not to list all 67 films, 9 cartoons …

Evgeny Leonov in films and cartoons

The head doctor was moved to tears, began to thank and say goodbye. Evgeny Pavlovich looked at him very seriously and suddenly said:

– And the women's department?

They then went around all the floors and rooms of the hospital!

On January 29, 1994, the kindest heart of the great artist Yevgeny Pavlovich Leonov stopped … But the message of happiness and inspiration, which from the screen envelops the viewer and does not stop the love and life-affirming beginning, still operates.

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