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In 2019, Huawei was ahead of Apple in terms of smartphone sales

11.02.2020 0 Comments

In 2019, Huawei was ahead of Apple in terms of smartphone sales


Huawei was able to beat Apple in the ranking of smartphone sales in 2019. Thus, the Chinese company has become the second largest seller of smartphones. This is evidenced by the data of analytical companies Strategy Analytics, Counterpoint Research Canalys.

It is noted that in 2019, Huawei sold about 240 million smartphones compared to about 200 million devices sold by Apple. Samsung remains the market leader, with sales of around 300 million smartphones. At the same time, the dynamics of sales growth is most pronounced for the Chinese company. Over the past year, it was able to increase smartphone sales by 17%, and its market share increased from 14.8% to 17.6%.


Such a result of Huawei looks surprising, given that last year the company was faced with a ban on the use of products of American technology companies in their devices. A particularly strong influence on the attractiveness of Huawei smartphones in the eyes of users may be the lack of Google applications and services. This is not a problem for Chinese consumers, but buyers from other countries will pay attention to this when choosing a new smartphone. Nevertheless, the largest sales of Huawei smartphones are recorded precisely in China – about 60% of the total sales of the company.

In 2019, Huawei was ahead of Apple in terms of smartphone sales

Sales of Samsung smartphones in 2019 increased by only 2%, and the market share increased from 21.1% to 21.8%. Apple is now closing the top three, with a 7% drop in smartphone sales. As a result, its market share fell from 15.3% to 14.5%.

The fourth and fifth places in the ranking are Chinese companies Xiaomi and Oppo, respectively. They were able to increase sales of their mobile devices by 4% each. At the same time, Xiaomi had annual sales of 125.5 million devices (a market share of 9.2%), and Oppo – 120.2 million smartphones (a market share of 8.8%).

All other manufacturers in total sold 384.3 million smartphones in 2019. This group of “all others” has a significant decline in sales – by 13%. A year earlier, “other” manufacturers sold 441.4 million smartphones. As a result, their market share cumulatively decreased from 31.8% to 28.1%.

It should also be noted that in 2019 there was a decrease in the total sales of smartphones. Over the whole year, 1366.7 million devices were sold, which is 2% less than in 2018 (1389.4 million).

Source: The Verge


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