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In 2020, smartphones with 200 megapixels will appear

06.12.2019 0 Comments

In 2020, smartphones with 200 megapixels will appear



The flagship Android smartphones of the 2020 model will receive 200-megapixel cameras. Qualcomm announced that its latest system on the Snapdragon 865 processor was the first with support for camera modules with a resolution of 200 megapixels. Qualcomm emphasized that the company is working on such cameras together with leading manufacturers.


In 2020, smartphones with 200 megapixels will appear

Support for 200-megapixel cameras in the Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 was made possible thanks to the new Spectra 480 ISP digital image signal processor. It can read and process up to two gigapixels, which corresponds to an effective camera sensor size of up to 200 megapixels. To achieve this, Qualcomm has combined the three Spectra modules into one.

Qualcomm also announced several other Snapdragon 865 chipset features related to camera capabilities. For example, due to improved image processing, users of smartphones with the new chipset will be able to take high-resolution pictures right while recording video with a resolution of 4K.

In 2020, smartphones with 200 megapixels will appear

What specific company is the first to release a smartphone with a 200-megapixel camera is unknown. It is expected that this will be one of the Chinese manufacturers, between which the “megapixel race” has been ongoing for several years.

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