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In iOS 14, it will be possible to pre-test applications without installing them on a smartphone

13.04.2020 0 Comments

In iOS 14, it will be possible to pre-test applications without installing them on a smartphone


One of the innovations of the upcoming mobile operating system Apple iOS 14 may be the function of preliminary work with third-party applications without actually installing them on the device. To do this, just scan the QR code. This is evidenced by the OS code. Apparently, a new API called Clips will appear in the operating system, which will allow to implement such a function.

The Clips API in iOS 14 “allows developers to offer interactive and dynamic content from their applications, even if you haven’t installed them,” said informed sources. Apparently, after scanning the QR code, a map appears that allows you to interact with parts of the application. The map can also allow users to choose to download the full version of the application from the App Store or, if the device already has an application that allows you to view the QR code, an interactive interface will be opened in this application.


Apple can test new app previews with OpenTable, Yelp, DoorDash, Sony PS2 Second Screen, and YouTube. This information is extracted from the OS code.

This new feature looks similar to the Slices feature in Android, which displays parts of the application in search results and in Google Assistant. Also, the innovation resembles the function Android Instant Apps, which downloads a small version of the application when you click on the link. However, 9to5Mac claims that the verified code only mentions the integration of the Clips API with QR codes, so it is unclear whether Apple plans to integrate the new feature with Spotlight, Siri or other iOS components.

Source: The Verge


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