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Inexpensive Redmi with 120Hz OLED screen on the way

03.07.2020 0 Comments

Inexpensive Redmi with 120Hz OLED screen on the way


120 Hz, which will be affordable.

Xiaomi is preparing to release the first smartphone with an OLED screen with a refresh rate of 120 Hz under the Redmi brand. The leak about the smartphone occurred in the Chinese social network Weibo.


Inexpensive Redmi with 120Hz OLED screen on the way

According to the published data, the new Redmi smartphone will be the first of the brand's line with a 120-Hertz OLED display. The smartphone will run on a MediaTek Dimensity 1000+ processor and will receive support for high-speed charging with a power of 33 watts.

It is assumed that this is a Redmi K40 smartphone, rumors of which first appeared in June. According to available information, the release of new items may take place in July. The price of the smartphone is not disclosed, but given that it is a question of the Redmi brand, it will be released in the mid-budget price category.

Source: iGP.

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