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"Innovation" from Apple. In iOS 13.1, added emoticons

26.09.2019 0 Comments

"Innovation" from Apple. In iOS 13.1, added emoticons


Suckers on the tentacles of an octopus and much more!

Yesterday, an iOS 13.1 update was released, which is recommended for installation by all iPhone users – more on this link. In addition to fixing bugs and adding some useful features, 24 emoticons were finalized in the new version. They have become more detailed. For example, the "octopus" received a sucker, and the abacus was turned into the correct vertical position.


Emoji and Face ID on iPhone

Apple plans to upgrade more than 50 emojis by the end of the year. A “yawning face with a hand”, a waffle, garlic, as well as flamingos, sloths and other representatives of the animal world will appear. The exact date of the upgrade has not yet been announced.

Apple's designers are tweaking little things, but that doesn't mean the company is missing out on more important issues. The new version of iOS 13 is still quite crude, but all bugs found are quickly eliminated. Recall that recently we considered how to eliminate the error in the "dark mode".

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