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Insanely beautiful new themes for Windows 10 have been released. How to get it for free?

09.03.2020 0 Comments

Insanely beautiful new themes for Windows 10 came out. How to get free? "Title =" Insanely beautiful new themes for Windows 10 came out. How to get free? "Data-srcset =" ESVASoDXsAAG7O-.jpg 980w, 520w, 882w " data-sizes = "(max-width: 980px) 100vw, 980px">  

<p>Brief instructions for installing them are included.</p> 

<p>Microsoft has released a new selection of themes for Windows 10. A new theme package called "Monsoons" weighs less than 4 MB and contains 16 high-quality images for the desktop. You can download it in the Microsoft Store for free.</p>
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“Watch out for rains all over the world and wet animals falling under them,” the description of the new theme pack says.


Installing a new collection is easy:

Download the Monsoons Theme Pack from the Microsoft Store. Open the Start menu. Go to the "Options". Open the "Personalization" section. Under "Themes", select the desired theme. Done!

It is important to note that these images can only be used as wallpaper for your desktop. Otherwise, you risk violating the rights of the company, as warned by Microsoft.

Xd design

Source: Microsoft

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