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iOS 13.1.3 did not solve the main problems. The system is still full of bugs

18.10.2019 0 Comments

iOS 13.1.3 did not solve the main problems. The system is still full of bugs



Last night, Apple released iOS 13.1.3. The new update is primarily aimed at fixing bugs – of which there were really quite a few in iOS 13. However, there are still not many reasons for joy – according to user reviews, many key problems of the Apple mobile operating system have remained unresolved.


IOS 13.1.3 suddenly released - what's new

According to users from the portal Reddit, in iOS 13.1.3 there are still problems such as:

The sudden "dump of communication." Almost all supported iPhone models are affected by this problem; Lag when turning over desktops with folders (how to solve this problem, we told here); Bug with widgets, leading to a reboot; A bug with saving screenshots – in which the "cropped" image is saved in its original form; Bad work with RAM (constant unloading of applications from memory); Bugs when working with the built-in mail client; Problems starting up and switching cameras on the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max.

The only possible solution now is to install the second beta build of iOS 13.2. It was in this version of Apple that it finally “took up the mind” and fixed many problems and errors.

What iOS 13 bugs did you personally encounter? Share your opinion here or in our VK group.

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