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IOS 13.1 released. Why is it important to install?

28.09.2019 0 Comments

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<p>There are real reasons.</p> 

<p>September 24, Apple released the final version of iOS 13.1. The first major update to iOS 13 came atypically early, just five days after the release of the new OS for the iPhone. Why is Apple in such a hurry to launch the firmware? There are several reasons for this that will convince most users to install iOS 13.1 without delay.</p>
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iOS 13.1 is the “correct” version of iOS 13

New features

In iOS 13.1, Apple fixed everything that for some reason did not have time to finalize the launch of the final version of iOS 13. First of all, in iOS 13.1, two functions returned that disappeared from the beta versions of iOS 13 last summer.

The first function is the ability to create automated quick commands in the Teams application. In iOS 13.1, a new tab “Automation” will appear in the application. On it, users will be able to create various automated teams for their smartphone.

You can configure a lot. For example, you can create a team that will include one or another application (or function) when you arrive at a certain place. Also, teams can be configured by time, sunset, departure, etc. There are really many options.

IOS 13.1 will be released today. Why is it important to install?

The second innovation is the ability to share arrival times in the Maps application. A convenient option that will allow you to most quickly and accurately tell a person when you arrive at the appointed place. True, for this you will have to start using cards from Apple.

In addition, all iPhones will support third-party fonts in applications. Users will be able to change the font in most popular applications, thereby customizing them.

Fonts can only be installed from special applications from the App Store. Just throw off any font from the computer and activate it will not work.

Less bugs

The final version of iOS 13 came out with several unpleasant bugs. The main drawback is that notifications from some applications may not come. The problem was first seen in beta versions of iOS 13, but it remained until the final build of the operating system. According to beta testers, in iOS 13.1 this bug was fixed.

How to roll back (return) from iOS 13 to iOS 12

Some users complain that their iPhone running iOS 13 is running out of charge faster than usual. iOS 13.1 also dealt with this, by no means the most common problem. At least, according to the participants in the testing program, the battery life of the iPhone on iOS 13.1 does not differ from iOS 12.4.1.

Several other small but annoying issues have also been fixed in iOS 13.1. For example, a bug disappeared that caused the volume slider to go crazy when viewing stories on Instagram.

Higher speed

The overall performance of iOS 13 and iOS 13.1 is identical, as numerous tests have proved. However, in many applications, especially standard ones, iOS 13.1 is noticeably faster than the previous firmware.

In iOS 13.1, the Files application instantly opens a list of available files for copying and transferring. In iOS 13, discoveries have to wait, sometimes really long. Similarly, iOS 13.1 is significantly faster at managing the Notes application. In particular, the firmware synchronizes notes faster with the iCloud cloud service. In iOS 13, you need to wait again.

And these are just two examples. iOS 13.1 performs better in terms of performance, even though the overall speed of the firmware is generally the same.

IOS 13.1 will also have bugs

iOS 13.1 is an excellent firmware in which Apple developers carried out operational work on bugs. But there will still be problems in iOS 13.1, you should be prepared for this. The firmware fixes many bugs found in iOS 13, but it is not absolutely ideal.

Together with iOS 13.1, Apple released the final version of iPadOS 13. A detailed review of iPadOS 13 is available on this page.

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