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iOS 13.2.2 fixed all major iPhone issues. Why not before?

11.11.2019 0 Comments

iOS 13.2.2 fixed all major iPhone issues. Why not before?


What is the reason?

Released on November 7, iOS 13.2.2 firmware really pleased users. In it, Apple developers fixed the main and most annoying problems of iOS 13, which iPhone owners have been complaining about for weeks. The only question for Apple is why you couldn't do this before.


iOS 13.2.2 fixed all major iPhone issues. Why not before?

What fixed iOS 13.2.2

First of all, in iOS 13.2.2, problems were fixed, due to which on all iPhone models the connection or connection to the mobile Internet in particular could be lost. Complaints about these problems have appeared since the first beta versions of iOS 13. But despite the calls from users, the bugs got to the final version of the firmware and remained in it for almost two months.

AliExpress 11.11 2019

In iOS 13.2.2, they are fixed. Now the connection does not break after making a call, and the mobile Internet does not disappear suddenly.

Also, in iOS 13.2.2, another known bug was fixed, which made a noise on the Internet even more than communication problems. The firmware fixed the problem with poor optimization of RAM on the iPhone, which first appeared in iOS 13.2. With the release of iOS 13.2.2, applications no longer close instantly in the background. Everything works as before.

Why couldn't Apple fix all this before? Not the first month has been known about the same communication failures in iOS 13, at least there were really a lot of complaints on the Internet. It is assumed that the whole problem is in the iOS development process.

The fact that they exist became known in the fall of 2019. Two Apple developers immediately admitted (first, second) that in the process of creating iOS, minor flaws are ignored, there is no proper communication system and there is a saving on automated testing. Because of all this, bugs like the one that left the connection on the iPhone, and remain in iOS for months.

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AliExpress 11.11 2019 AliExpress 11.11 2019


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