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"IOS 13.2 is beautiful." What beta testers say about firmware

28.10.2019 0 Comments

"IOS 13.2 is beautiful." What beta testers say about firmware


Reviews on iOS 13.2.

Over the past few weeks, iOS 13 has received a lot of criticism. Current firmware versions contain quite unpleasant bugs that annoy users. It seems that iOS 13.2 will fix many of these errors. At the very least, beta testers speak of iOS 13.2 exclusively in a positive way. We collected the latest reviews about iOS 13.2 from developers and participants in the Apple testing program.


"IOS 13.2 is beautiful." What beta testers say about firmware

Is it worth it to install iOS 13.2

We looked at reviews of iOS 13.2 on the Apple forum, the popular Reddit resource, and in numerous discussions on Twitter. The general opinion of users who have tested iOS 13.2 is that the firmware really fixes many errors, improves performance and improves stability.

Here are a few user reviews for clarity.

“IOS 13.2 works a little smoother and more enjoyable. And it's not just words. Especially in the application "Mail". Before, I had a delay per second, and sometimes two when switching between accounts. Now she has disappeared. In addition, it seems that Apple has updated the modem firmware on the iPhone 11 Pro. I had a lot of communication problems, but now they suddenly disappeared, ”- a user with the nickname shinratdr.

“Just installed iOS 13.2 beta 4 after iOS 13.1.3. The first feeling is chic performance. Places in the interface where I constantly saw slowdowns work fine. It's nice that there are no more lags in the animation ”, – a user with the nickname Alan7467.

“For me in iOS 13.2 the main thing is that applications began to stay in memory much more. The same YouTube. In iOS 13.1.3, it flies out of RAM instantly as soon as you close it. Of course, there may be a flaw in the developers of Google, but it infuriates greatly. In iOS 13.2, the application stays in memory much longer. I am satisfied, ”- a user with the nickname epmuslce.

“IOS 13.2 increased the battery life of my iPhone 7 with a really dead battery (83% capacity). If before you had to put the iPhone on charge for dinner, now you can stretch it out until the evening, but if you try. Ideally, of course, you need to change the battery, that’s understandable, ”- windexi user.

“IOS 13.2 is beautiful! For a week of use, every day I did not notice any problems in principle. High speed, charge keeps stable. True, on iOS 13.1.3 I was only chased by a couple of small bugs. For example, slow motion animation when switching between pages of the main screen. In iOS 13.2 this is not, by the way, ”- user darkuv77.

The popular YouTube blogger EverythingApplePro also responds positively about iOS 13.2. According to him, the firmware is the best among all versions of iOS 13.

It is important to understand that in iOS 13.2, as in any other software, bugs will remain. This means that you, like previous versions of iOS 13, may encounter some unusual failure or, for example, the application crashes. Such single problems were (and will be) in all versions of iOS, it is worth remembering this.

Earlier it became known that Apple may release the final version of iOS 13.2 as early as next week.

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