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iOS 13.3 fixed a dangerous and unusual iPhone bug

18.12.2019 0 Comments

iOS 13.3 fixed a dangerous and unusual iPhone bug


The original vulnerability.

In iOS 13.3 released this week, a critical vulnerability was fixed that allowed to disable iPhone. The error in iOS gave attackers the ability to send endless malicious requests to nearby iPhone via the AirDrop file transfer function.


iOS 13.3 fixed a dangerous and unusual iPhone bug

When the iPhone accepts the request through the AirDrop function, a pop-up window is displayed on it. It blocks the entire interface, not allowing the use of the iPhone until the user agrees to accept files or refuses it.

In previous versions of iOS, attackers could send a lot of such requests, thereby completely blocking the iPhone. If the user refused to accept files through AirDrop, a new pop-up request window appeared instantly. Moreover, the window did not disappear even after locking or rebooting the iPhone.

Kishan Bagaria, the researcher who discovered the vulnerability, called it AirDos. He reported an Apple issue back in August. However, the bug was fixed only in iOS 13.3.

Earlier, the operating time of various iPhones running iOS 13.3 was tested. One comparison showed that autonomy increased, and another – that decreased.

Source: TreatPost.

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