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IOS 13.4 found an important hidden innovation

13.04.2020 0 Comments

IOS 13.4 found an important hidden innovation


You need to know about him.

In iOS 13.4 firmware released on March 24, an important hidden innovation was discovered, the mention of which was not in the description of the update. According to a post on the Apple WebKit framework’s developers blog, iOS 13.4 has an enhanced smart user tracking prevention feature that completely blocks third-party cookies.


IOS 13.4 found an important hidden innovation

The advanced blocking function of third-party cookies in iOS 13.4 guarantees the prevention of user tracking when switching from one site to another. Due to this, websites are not able to collect data on user behavior and use them for their own purposes, including the display of targeted advertising.

Users can turn off the Intelligent Browser Tracking Prevention and Cookie Blocking feature in Safari settings.

Safari is the first major browser to completely block cookies by default. The Apple WebKit development team wants a similar system to be introduced in other browsers. Therefore, Apple experts plan to talk about the experience of blocking third-party cookies to other companies that are members of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Source: WebKit.

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