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iOS 13 has added cool new gestures for the iPhone. Few noticed them

13.10.2019 0 Comments

iOS 13 has added cool new gestures for the iPhone. Few noticed them


We are using it!

In iOS 13, a lot of innovations appeared, including many hidden ones, which not everyone noticed. For example, few people know about new convenient gestures for the iPhone. They help you work faster and more efficiently with text and images on your smartphone. Revealed new gestures iOS 13 for the iPhone in this article.


iOS 13 added cool gestures for the iPhone, which few people noticed

New gestures iOS 13 for iPhone

Owners of the iPad can know about the new gestures that appeared in iOS 13 for the iPhone. The fact is that Apple announced these gestures as one of the innovations of iPadOS – the new operating system for tablets. Read our detailed iPadOS review, there are a lot of interesting things.

However, gestures were added on the iPhone. And using them is just as convenient. Of course, on iPads with their large displays, using gestures is even more comfortable. But on the iPhone it is easy to get used to them and use on an ongoing basis.

Gesture "Copy." Sliver with three fingers on the selected text, and it instantly is placed on the clipboard.

Gesture "Paste." To avoid being in the clipboard (text or images), stretch with three fingers in any editor – the object will be pasted.

Gesture “Cut”. Double sliver with three fingers leads to the fact that the text is cut. Moreover, the text does not need to be highlighted.

Also, iPhone users running iOS 13 have the opportunity to use new gestures to undo and redo the last action. For quick cancellation, you need to swipe with three fingers to the left, for repetition – swipe with three fingers to the right.

Earlier, we talked about how Apple recovered and began to pay much more attention to iOS.

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