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IOS 13 has another long-awaited feature.

14.07.2019 0 Comments

IOS 13 has another long-awaited feature.


In the parameters of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth no longer need to go!

iOS 13 allows users to connect to Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth devices without the need to launch the Settings app. Apple developers have heard customer requests and implemented the ability to quickly connect via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth right in the Control Point.


IOS 13 has another long-awaited feature.

In iOS 13, to connect to a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth device, simply launch the “Control Point” and hold it on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth icon, respectively. As a result, a window opens in which you can perform a quick connection to all available wireless networks or devices.

Thanks to the innovation, users will no longer need to launch the Settings application to switch between Wi-Fi networks and connect to Bluetooth devices. Especially strongly the new features of iOS 13 will be appreciated by the owners of several Bluetooth gadgets, between which they have to switch regularly. Apple did not talk about this feature, so many users did not know about its existence.

IOS 13 has another long-awaited feature.

The final version of iOS 13 will be released in September. Currently, developers have access to the third beta version of iOS 13, the participants of the testing program are the first public beta version of iOS 13.

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