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iOS 13 will support dark interface mode for all Office applications

30.08.2019 0 Comments

iOS 13 will support dark interface mode for all Office applications


Microsoft is starting to deploy dark-mode support for the Outlook app, as well as for all Office apps before iOS 13.

Office applications on iOS will be able to automatically switch between light and dark design, depending on the user-selected system-wide settings for the dark theme on the iPhone and iPad. In addition to the fact that this mode will appear in Word, Excel and Powerpoint on iOS after the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, it will be available in Outlook, as well as in SharePoint, OneDrive, Planner and To-Do.

Dark Mode iOS13


John Friedman, corporate vice president of design and research at Microsoft, said that developing a dark interface mode is not a quick process, but it's worth it. Users who tested it for Outlook called the mode crisp, clear and aesthetically pleasing. This means that he can actually reduce eye strain.

The fact that iOS 13 itself will receive a dark theme became known back in January of this year, here you can see how it will look.

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