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iOS 14 beta 7 for developers is out. What's new

06.09.2020 0 Comments

iOS 14 beta 7 for developers is out. What's new


iOS 14 is even more stable.

Apple developers continue to refine the iOS 14 firmware, and it becomes more stable from build to build. The build number for beta 7 is build 18A5369b.


What's new in iOS 14 beta 7 for developers

All iPhone wallpapers now support light and dark modes and change their color depending on the design mode. New categories have been added to the App Library.

ios 14 beta 7

The firmware has really become more stable and it feels like the release is just around the corner. So, for example, the previous beta periodically rebooted some iPhone models for no reason.

The official release date for iOS 14 firmware will be announced in September at Apple's fall presentation. We have collected a complete overview of the iOS 14 firmware features in this review.

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