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iOS 14 boosts Safari

26.06.2020 0 Comments

iOS 14 boosts Safari


Just a few cool innovations.

Apple may add some new features to the Safari browser in iOS 14. According to Bloomberg reporter Mark Gourmet, the updated Safari will include support for voice queries, deeper translator integration, guest mode, and enhanced support for iCloud Keychains.


iOS 14 boosts Safari

Improved translator in Safari will allow users to translate web pages without using third-party applications. The translation option will be available for each visited site. In addition, users will be able to activate automatic translation of sites from the languages ​​specified in the settings.

Apple is also working to provide full support for the Apple Pencil stylus in iPadOS 14. In particular, Apple plans to add support for input from Apple Pencil on drawing and layout sites. This innovation will appear only in iPadOS 14, since the iPhone does not support Apple Pencil.

Apple will introduce iOS 14 today, at 20:00 Moscow time. We have compiled a complete list of expected iOS 14 innovations in this article.

Source: Twitter.

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