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iPad Pro, iPhone 9 and AirTags. IOS 14 code leak sheds light on upcoming Apple announcements

11.03.2020 0 Comments

iPad Pro, iPhone 9 and AirTags. IOS 14 code leak sheds light on upcoming Apple announcements


9to5Mac managed to get the source code for the new version of iOS 14, whose release can be expected in the fall of 2020. Analyzing the code, journalists found confirmation of many expected software and hardware announcements planned for release this year. We have put together in one place a list of those new software and hardware products whose quick release seems most likely due to the mention in iOS 14. Enthusiasts and developers continue to carefully sift every line, so this list will probably be expanded in the coming days.

So, all the announcements for convenience, we divided into software and hardware.


Future Apple software announcements

In iOS 14, a new appearance of the main screen will appear, allowing you to display applications not with a grid, but with a list, and it is convenient to sort them, including using Siri recommendations. A new augmented reality application that will allow you to point your smartphone’s camera at an object of interest in the real world to learn more about it. In other words, we are talking about an analogue of the already well-known Google Lens application. For example, in the Apple store through the application you can find out information about prices and product features. Apple also works with Starbucks. Third-party iOS apps will be able to participate in filling the wallpaper section of the Settings app. This should facilitate the change of wallpaper and, finally, open dynamic wallpapers for third-party developers. HomeKit will be able to change the color temperature of the lighting depending on the ambient lighting. Also in HomeKit there will be full support for CCTV cameras. The Shot on iPhone advertising campaign will become part of the camera’s proprietary application: users can simply and conveniently follow Apple’s current contests, as well as submit their work to participate. In iMessage, you can cancel sending messages and support the mention of a specific user. PencilKit will appear on iPad OS 14 – an API for converting handwritten text with a stylus to print. WatchOS 7 will be able to share Apple Watch dials through AirDrop, while the new Apple Watch Series 6 also has a sleep tracking function and a tachymeter, as well as the potential to measure blood oxygen levels.

Apple's upcoming hardware news:

The new iPad Pro with a triple main camera, like the iPhone 11 Pro. In addition to the three cameras, the device also needs to have an additional ToF sensor to provide new AR capabilities. New iPhone with Touch ID. Presumably, this is the very much more widely expected more affordable iPhone 9 (iPhone SE2), which will be similar to iPhone 8. The new version of the Apple TV set-top box, as well as the new remote control for it, which now tops the dissatisfaction rating due to many customer complaints company. Special AirTag key rings, which will allow you to track the location of valuable objects with the help of a smartphone. AirTag will be powered by a removable CR2032 element, and owners of the iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 will be able to search for these tags using augmented reality. New AirPods On-Ear Headphones.

More recently, it was expected that this month Apple will hold a major presentation on the announcement of the new iPhone and iPad Pro. But, apparently, because of the coronavirus, the company had to adjust its plans. In June, the annual WWDC Developer Conference is due to take place, where Apple traditionally presents new versions of operating systems, but it, like other events, is now in doubt because of the coronavirus.

Source: MacRumors

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