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iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XS. How new is faster?

23.09.2019 0 Comments

iPhone 11 Pro vs iPhone XS. How new is faster?


Performance comparison.

The updated line of Apple smartphones has recently gone on sale, and many are now wondering if it is worth updating your last year's or older iPhone to a new one. Alas, there is no single answer. But direct comparisons can help in this matter. How much faster is the iPhone 11 Pro than the iPhone XS and iPhone X? Is it worth it to buy a new product just because of the increase in productivity?


iPhone 11 Pro iPhone XS iPhone XS

The author of the YouTube channel EverythingApplePro asked the same questions. The blogger conducted a series of comprehensive tests, comparing the performance of smartphones in everyday use and in synthetic tests. Let's see what came of it.

The first test is launching applications

On all devices, the same applications were prepared in advance, and the total opening time of all programs was measured.

The newest managed to reach the finish faster than anyone – in just 3 minutes and 17 seconds. It is noteworthy that the iPhone XS not only did not lag behind, but also showed a comparable result – 3 minutes and 18 seconds.

But the iPhone X was far behind – the final result of 4 minutes and 23 seconds.

The second test is multitasking.

All devices were "launched" in the second round to determine how well smartphones hold applications in RAM.

Surprisingly, the winner of this test was the iPhone XS. Last year's flagship managed in just 2 minutes and 2 seconds. The result of the iPhone 11 Pro is 2 minutes and 32 seconds. iPhone X, traditionally, lagged behind everyone – 3 minutes and 3 seconds.

The third test – turning on smartphones

And again an unexpected result. iPhone X turned on the fastest, followed by the iPhone XS, and the outsider of this test was the iPhone 11 Pro.

Synthetic tests

HTML5 Test:


All smartphones showed an identical result: 455 points.

Geekbench 5 Pro:

Geekbench 5 Pro

iPhone X – 927 in single-core and 2225 points in multi-core mode.

iPhone XS – 1112 in single-core and 2490 points in multi-core mode.

iPhone 11 Pro – 1328 in single-core and 3375 points in multi-core mode.

Antutu Benchmark:


iPhone X – 187,241 points.

iPhone XS – 319,065 points.

iPhone 11 Pro – 455,835 points


Despite the fact that the iPhone XS is already a year old, it still shows itself excellently in normal use cases. At some points, the smartphone even got ahead of the new product, despite the impressive difference in performance tests.

But with the iPhone X, things are slightly worse. However, even this device is still quite enough to cover the whole range of tasks.

The iPhone 11 Pro is worth a look only to those who need the capabilities of the new triple camera. The novelty has not become dramatically faster, and it definitely should not be considered for purchase taking into account only increased productivity.

Source: YouTube

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