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IPhone 11 release details: are Apple's bending smartphone waiting for us?

19.07.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

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<p>Apple has an idea how to surprise sophisticated consumers.</p>
<p>Most likely, you have already prepared for the appearance of the new flagship from Apple, the iPhone 11, which many have already nicknamed in advance one of the worst decisions of the corporation. Critics and ordinary users called the gadget boring and ugly, but it seems that company analysts are still trying to present their invention in a good light.</p>
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So, Philippe Cora (YouTube’s insider and video maker) has already confirmed that the iPhone 11 has a triple rear camera after it has been covered with samples of smartphone cases. Also, Cora said that the battery life of the gadget will be increased by installing a more capacious battery.

But now on the Internet there are additional rumors that the Californian company plans to release smartphones with a bending screen! And if the rumors are confirmed by new facts, it will distract the attention of most fans of the brand from samples of smartphones in 2019.

On the official site of the CNBC resource, it was reported that such a decision will be implemented in smartphones of the future 2020. Accordingly, most Apple brand fans have no reason to buy an iPhone 11, which is not very different from its previous version. The curved screen, if such a technology is implemented, is capable of making a real revolution in the industry in “iPhones” and will seriously hurt Apple’s competitors making their cheap Android devices.

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