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iPhone 12 called "disappointment for investors"

17.12.2019 0 Comments

iPhone 12 called "disappointment for investors"


Unexpected forecast.

Gene Munster, a well-known analyst at Loup Ventures, predicted that Apple would have difficulty selling iPhone 12 with 5G support. According to the expert, in its first year, the iPhone with 5G will be a "disappointment for investors."


iPhone 12 called "disappointment for investors"

Munster believes that the problem with sales of the iPhone 12 will be the lack of ubiquitous coverage of 5G networks. Leading US mobile operators have promised to cover 75% of the country with fifth-generation networks by the end of the next, but judging by the pace of implementation, they will not succeed. “Disappointing” sales of the iPhone 12 with 5G support will be associated with this, the analyst said.

In addition, the iPhone 12 with the ability to work on fifth-generation mobile networks will not sell well outside the United States, in countries where 5G is just starting to be introduced.

However, Munster is confident that Apple will become one of the leaders in the 5G-enabled smartphone market in 2020. This will be affected by the traditionally high popularity of the iPhone and Apple's plans to minimize the price increase for new-generation smartphones.

Earlier it became known that all iPhone 12 will receive support for fast wireless charging.

Source: CNBC.

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