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iPhone 6 caught fire in the hands of an 11-year-old girl

19.07.2019 Francis Patterson 0 Comments

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<p>Apple finds out the reasons. </p>
<p>Apple representatives are studying information related to the ignition of the iPhone 6 in the hands of an 11-year-old girl named Kyle Ramos in California. The child was burned.</p>
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Kayla himself told the following channel 23ABC: “I was sitting on the bed and holding a smartphone in my hands. Then I saw sparks that suddenly appeared everywhere. I threw the phone on the blanket. He burned holes in it. ” The girl received minor burns, the bed and the blanket were hardest hit.

According to little Ms. Ramos, she used the smartphone primarily to watch videos on YouTube. The girl herself was not very upset about the loss. Moreover, Apple promised to send a new replacement iPhone for it. In the meantime, in her own words, she can spend more time with her sisters and family.

After the incident, the iPhone 6 itself was completely destroyed. It broke into pieces, traces of fire are visible on most of the details.

Maria Adat, Kayla's mom, called Apple technical support immediately after the incident. Specialists of the company asked to take photos of the destroyed iPhone 6 and send them by email. She was then told that Apple was investigating the incident.

According to Apple, there are several reasons why the iPhone can overheat and catch fire. One of these is using equipment from third parties, such as cheap charging cables. The other is the repair of a smartphone in an unauthorized service. Finally, external damage may result in a fire. However, according to Ramos, all these three reasons are excluded.

So far, the investigation into the incident continues. Comments from Apple will follow later.

This is not the first such case. Earlier, an iPhone fire was reported in May 2018. Then the device suddenly exploded in one of the shops in Las Vegas. Record of the incident recorded surveillance cameras. And in December 2018, the top-end iPhone XS Max caught fire in the owner’s pocket, which was purchased just 3 weeks before the incident.

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