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IPhone crashes in iCloud on iPhone (updated)

27.12.2019 0 Comments

IPhone crashes in iCloud on iPhone (updated)


Apple is already fixing it.

Apple reported problems with several iCloud services at once. According to data from the company's official website, the failure affected the services “Contacts”, “Notes”, “Mail”, “Photos”, iMessage, the backup function and others.


Updated: Apple fixed the issue. All iCloud services are operating normally.

ICloud on iPhone crashes

The failure of the iCloud services occurred on Tuesday, December 24, at 5:47 Moscow time. The Apple Services Status Tracking page indicates that there are problems with nine services, including the device backup feature in iCloud.

ICloud on iPhone crashes

Apple emphasized that the failure affected some users whose listed services may be slow or unavailable. According to user reviews, problems in the operation of individual iCloud services are indeed observed. From reviews on social networks, it turned out that the synchronization of the iPhone with iCloud cloud services can be slower than usual or not at all. In particular, users complain about the inability to upload photos to iCloud.

seriously i hate icloud why wont it load my photos ?????

– e. / unf = unf (@Iiuslarson) December 24, 2019

It is expected that the problems will be fixed within a few hours.

Source: Apple.

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