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 IPhone sales fell significantly in China

22.03.2019 0 Comments

 IPhone sales fell significantly in China


In the past quarter, Apple was faced with the problem of lower revenues due to weak demand for iPhones in China. According to Longbow Research, the company is still experiencing quite serious problems in the market.

Search traffic is not the most accurate way to measure demand, but sharp drops are usually a sign of less interest. In the case of the Apple iPhone, Longbow Research notes that search volumes in China have declined significantly compared with last year. In particular, in January, the number of searches in the country related to smartphones was half that in the same period last year. Similarly, in February, traffic through the Baidu search engine fell by 47%.

To make matters worse for Apple, a huge reduction in search traffic occurs even after several series of price cuts by Chinese retailers. Apparently, these price cuts have not yet caused an increase in demand and are unlikely to do so in the near future.


Some analysts are more optimistic about the prospects for the iPhone in China. But Longbow Research claims that Chinese sales during February were “terrible” and continued to slow down. In particular, out of 42 suppliers of Apple products, 37 recorded sales in February, which turned out to be worse than the seasonal level. How bad was the situation, we can find out after the publication of the next quarterly report of the company.

If during this quarter the company is not able to show any signs of improvement, then it is likely that the increase in sales may occur no sooner than with the release of the iPhone 2019 series to the market. After all, the iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max and iPhone Xr models have been on the market for almost six months, and consumers are now showing interest in newer devices, such as the Galaxy S10, which seems to be showing good results in China.

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