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iPhone SE (2020) already decently fell in price

11.06.2020 0 Comments

iPhone SE (2020) already decently fell in price


I did not have to wait six months.

The 2nd generation iPhone SE released in late April has already fallen in price in Russia. By early June, Apple technology resellers made discounts on the smartphone, lowering its price by 5-6 thousand rubles.


iPhone SE (2020) already decently fell in price

The 2nd generation iPhone SE has fallen in price in unofficial retail. According to the Yandex.Market service, leading Apple smartphone resellers are selling the new iPhone SE with 64 GB of memory at a price of 33-34 thousand rubles. For comparison, the official price of a smartphone is 39,990 rubles.

As for official retail, the new iPhone SE is still being sold at its original price. According to forecasts, the first discounts on the 2nd generation iPhone SE from authorized retailers will occur in the fall and winter of 2020. The first tangible discounts on the model should be expected after the release of smartphones from the iPhone 12 line.

Source:, NM.

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