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IPhone SE (2020) fast charging was slow

17.05.2020 0 Comments

IPhone SE (2020) fast charging was slow


But not everything is so simple.

Released at the end of April, the 2nd generation iPhone SE supports fast charging with 18 watts. A charging adapter with a high power does not come with a smartphone, so you need to purchase it and a suitable cable separately. However, this is not the only minus of the fast charging of the new iPhone SE.


Testing conducted by PhoneArena showed that the full charge of the 2nd generation iPhone SE is not much different depending on the adapter used.

It took 2 hours 30 minutes to fully charge the iPhone SE using a full-blown 5W charger. At the same time, the smartphone was charged as follows:

15 minutes: 14% 30 minutes: 28% 45 minutes: 43% 1 hour: 57% 1 hour 15 minutes: 70% 1 hour 30 minutes: 81% 2 hours 30 minutes: 100%

Charging the 2nd generation iPhone SE via an 18-watt adapter ended a little earlier – in 2 hours. It is noteworthy that in the first hour the smartphone was charged much faster:

15 minutes: 30% 30 minutes: 55% 45 minutes: 73% 1 hour: 83% 1 hour 15 minutes: 92% 1 hour 30 minutes: 96% 2 hours: 100%

Charging your new iPhone SE with a powerful 18-watt adapter is much faster than charging your smartphone with the full 5-watt in the first hour. In 60 minutes of charging, the iPhone SE is almost fully charged on fast charge, while with normal charging only half.

However, after the fast charging speed decreased significantly. As a result, the difference between the charging speed of a smartphone with two different adapters turned out to be relatively small.

Source: PhoneArena.

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