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Is it worth it to install iOS 12.4.7 on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

25.05.2020 0 Comments

Is it worth it to install iOS 12.4.7 on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6


Or is it better to skip?

On May 20, Apple unexpectedly released iOS 12.4.7, the latest firmware for the iPhone and iPad, which did not receive the ability to upgrade to iOS 13 and iPadOS 13. Is it worth it to install the update, or is it pass-through? We studied the firmware and gave an answer to this question.


Is it worth it to install iOS 12.4.7 on iPhone 5s and iPhone 6

IOS 12.4.7 fixes previously discovered bugs, including those related to security. This follows from the official update description provided by Apple. However, the company did not publish a list of the exact changes. In this regard, it is not known which corrections are in question.

No new features, including hidden ones, were found in iOS 12.4.7. Firmware performance is at the same level as iOS 12.4.6. There are no differences in speed between the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 running both firmwares. The same applies to battery life, which, judging by the first hours of iOS 12.4.7, has not changed.

Thus, iOS 12.4.7 is a safe update that can be recommended for installation for users who fear the existence of any security risks. Otherwise, iOS 12.4.7 can be skipped. The update did not find any mandatory fixes that would be required to install all users as soon as possible.


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