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It is worth recognizing. 5 features that make Android really better than iOS

19.04.2020 0 Comments

It is worth recognizing. 5 features that make Android really better than iOS


That's where Apple needs to catch up.

It's time to understand that in the comparison of iOS and Android there can be no winner and it all depends on the personal preferences of each person. In some ways, it’s better than iOS, with some functions Android handles much better. And this must be calmly recognized. In this article, we talked about five functions that are implemented in Android much better than in iOS.


It is worth recognizing. 5 features that make Android really better than iOS


The first and most noticeable advantage of Android over iOS is the ability to fully and quickly change the interface of the operating system, simply personalization. On the iPhone, users can put new wallpapers to the maximum, swap icons, and turn off the dark theme for a couple of minutes in order to somehow refresh the surprisingly stable interface, which actually does not change from the very first version of iOS.

On Android, it’s a completely different matter. Hundreds of launchers are available to users of Android smartphones, many of which actually completely change the interface of the operating system. High-quality launchers have various design themes that allow you to plunge deeper and customize the gadget in exactly the way you want.

It is worth recognizing. 5 features that make Android really better than iOS

At the same time, the times when, due to the embellishments of Android, it began to be impossible to slow down, long ago. At least, when it comes to more or less modern Android smartphones with a cost of 10,000 rubles or more.

Open Source Applications

IPhone users are also limited in terms of downloading applications. On iOS, you can install applications from the App Store or through the Cydia Impactor utility, after downloading the IPA file of the desired application in advance. The latter method is not suitable for everyone, because applications through a third-party utility are installed for only a week. After that, they begin to fly out and need to be installed through the computer again.

On Android, this is much easier. Almost any application (including paid ones) can be downloaded from open sources. IPhone users like to say that because of this, countless viruses and malware appear on Android smartphones. In reality, there are several proven resources, like the same APKMirror, which contains applications verified by real users.

Computer connection

Android is far ahead of iOS in terms of connectivity. By connecting the Android-smartphone to the computer, the user gets direct access to all files and folders that are on it with the ability to upload. In the opposite direction, this also works. Downloading music, a movie, images, or any other type of file to an Android smartphone is as simple as transferring these files between the drives on your computer.

It is worth recognizing. 5 features that make Android really better than iOS

iOS lags behind with its synchronization system. In order to download something on the iPhone, it is necessary in a very strange way for 2020 to tick off the necessary content with checkmarks and then synchronize the changes with the device.

Flexible function settings

Even if the Android operating system itself does not have any settings for the function you need, you can always count on finding a solution in one of the applications on Google Play. For example, if you need to make the Android smartphone louder, but the standard volume is already turned up to maximum, Google Play has a whole series of applications that are responsible for the permanent increase in the volume of the device. And this is just one example of the expansion of the capabilities of a smartphone that cannot be adjusted with standard settings.

On the iPhone, applications simply do not have access to such settings. With each new version of iOS, Apple gives developers more freedom, but to the Android level is still infinitely far.

Android has fewer banned apps

In recent years, Apple has begun to paranoidly care about the privacy of iPhone users. Since the topic of personal data security is a rumor, measures in this direction are taken by Google in Android, but they are much more restrained.

It is worth recognizing. 5 features that make Android really better than iOS

For example, on Android, phone recording applications are freely available. The vast majority of people do not use them at all for criminal purposes, but for work or study. On the iPhone, such applications do not exist in principle. Developers do not have access to the call recording option, and all workarounds are quickly blocked by Apple.

And what do you think Android has over iOS or vice versa?

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