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Joni Ive officially left Apple

29.11.2019 0 Comments

Joni Ive officially left Apple


The fact that Apple's chief designer Joni Ive will leave the company we learned in the summer. Reporting the news, which was a complete surprise for everyone, Apple did not give an exact date for the resignation, only stating that this would happen "at the end of the year." And now it has happened. Joni Quince’s profile has disappeared from Apple’s manual page. Among the first to draw attention to the resource The Verge.

Reportedly, at first, a photograph disappeared from the page with the leadership of Apple, and then all the information about Johnny Ive.


Joni Ive worked at Apple for nearly 30 years – he joined the Apple design team in 1992. Under his leadership, the design of the first iMac was developed, as well as the design of the iPod, iPhone and Macbook. Recognized and inherited by many, the design of Apple devices is the merit of this person (Man, forgive fans of the company). Apple's former left and right hands will now be responsible for product design, with assistants Evans Hankey and Alan Dai serving as vice president of industrial design and vice president of user interfaces, respectively. They will report to the company's chief operating officer, Jeff Williams, while Ive reported directly to the company's CEO, Tim Cook.

Some media outlets have written high-profile headlines that Apple will no longer be the same. In fact, Apple will continue to work with Joni Ive, just in a slightly different format – the designer, together with his friend Mark Newson, founded his own studio LoveFrom, one of whose clients will be Apple.

Soon after the news about Johnny Quince's departure from Apple, rumors spread that Tim Cook was the cause of this – allegedly the head of Apple “suppressed” the designer. Tim Cook himself called this story “absurd,” and Ive did not publicly comment on the decision to leave.

Source: The Verge

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