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Journalist and blogger Jeff Kagan compared smartphones to drugs

31.08.2019 0 Comments

Journalist and blogger Jeff Kagan compared smartphones to drugs


The man said that people spend too much time in the digital world, developing a dependency similar to a drug

In the personal blog of the American journalist Jeff Kagan, a message appeared in which a man tries to indicate the presence of a problem with the use of smartphones. On the one hand, Mr. Kagan calls himself a “lover of smartphones” and an ardent fan of the IT industry, and on the other, he is trying to tell that more and more people prefer to “hang out” on their devices rather than communicate with loved ones.


Peoples with phones

The journalist notes that he constantly sees on the street as passers-by walking past, dropping their eyes into a smartphone. Youtube is full of videos in which authors jump into fountains and do other stupid things on camera, trying to earn maximum views. And Jeff cannot believe that this is exactly what modern society is turning into.

On the streets and in any public places you can meet people who will be together, but not together. Although they are nearby (for example, a mother carrying a stroller with a child or a brother and sister walking in the park), everyone looks at the phone and does not even try to communicate with loved ones. Instead of lessons, many students and pupils turn pages on the Internet instead of lessons, and if this problem is not dealt with now, then "we will get a generation of losers and stupid people."

What is the journalist calling for?

Mr. Kagan argues that it is necessary, as soon as possible, to develop a new program for raising and educating children. Most modern parents consider their child the most valuable that they have in life, but is it really so? Seeing that adults spend more time with gadgets than with their children, it is very difficult to call them good parents.

Left alone without parental attention, children will pay attention to other people. They will learn from them, and this will lead to undesirable consequences in almost all scenarios. In the first 4 years, the basis of the child’s psychology is formed, future priorities and interests are postponed. We need to pay more attention to the education of descendants, so that they do not grow into disenfranchised people who do not have any ambitions and aspirations.

Children with smartphones

“Smartphones and other technologies are designed so that we get used to them. So that we depend on them and not see the future life without them. And this is happening today, almost every person on the planet has a smartphone. And what will happen next? ”, The journalist continues to exaggerate on his blog. It is necessary to make it clear to children that the same "Friends" on social networks may not be such in real life! They simply do not distinguish between these two concepts, believing that, since they have a lot of communication on the Internet, they do not experience any problems.

Smartphones are the same opioids

A little further, Jeff compares smartphone addiction with similar addiction to opioids. Drugs destroy human lives much faster, devices act slower, but their effect is much more difficult to notice. Accordingly, the “addict” does not understand that he is becoming addicted and can no longer spend hours of life without using a smartphone.

And device manufacturers also need to understand this by investing their efforts in the fight against addiction, which takes on a global scale. If you do not reach an agreement between technology giants and ordinary users today, then tomorrow it may be too late. People can just be mentally unstable and lonely at one point, which no one can help. And all due to the fact that most of our lives we spent looking at the screen of a smartphone, and not communicating with other people.


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